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The Assumption College English Program (EP) operates within the campus of Assumption College Primary Section (ACP). By learning English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health and Computers with qualified native English Speaking teachers, EP students attain the ability to understand and use English naturally.

While EP remains very much a part of its parent school, Assumption College, it has developed its own identity and spirit within the school. The 'EP community' feel is encouraged by regular EP Assemblies and other unique EP activities such as EP Activity Day, EP Excursions and EP Camp.

The English Program commenced in April 2002 when 100 six year old boys began learning in Grade 1. This number increased annually by 100 students until our pilot year boys reached Grade 6 in the 2007 school year.

Between 2007 and 2011, EP educated approximately 600 students spread across classes in the six primary Grades.

In 2015, the English Program at Assumption College Primary Section offers classes for students in Grade 1,2,5,6 only with a maximum of 25 students in each class .

In its early years, EP was marketed as a small school within a big school '. However, with a current student population of nearly 400 students, it would be considered quite a large primary school in western countries such as Australia, USA or England.

EP's success can be accredited to many factors including the strong reputation of Assumption College in Thailand and the consistent leadership provided by a team of dedicated Thai and foreign administrators. Due to its excellent Management and Teaching Methodology, the Assumption College Primary Section English Program has been used as the Model EP by the Thai Ministry of Education.


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